Hola! mi nombre es Rano y me gustaría criar delfines

I'm a ARTIST / GRAPHIC & WEB DESIGNER / BEAT PROGRAMMER /Porcelain Dolphin's Collector


* * my name is Marcelo Aliste (RANO?)
* I live and work in Santiago, Chile

Do you want to see my Portfolio Book? have a look HERE

1997-2003 Licenciatura en arquitectura (Bachelor of Architecture), Universidad de Chile.
2005 Egresado de arquitectura, Universidad de Chile.

email -------- satanicnerd@gmail.com
phone------- 56 (9) 89348877

Past Exhibitions & Contributions

"Llenar El Espacio Vacio". group exhibition at Design For Life store. Santiago (cl)

"Sonidovisual". Multimedia group show and party. Santiago (cl)
"Fursuit!" group exhibition at Interludio. Santiago (cl)
"Soundcloud Meetup Santiago Chile". music live show. Santiago (cl)

"Killerdrumz". live show in the hardcore dnb/breakcore party in Buenos Aires (ar)
"Show Pony" group show run by Pyramid Projects at Hoofake gallery. Melbourne (au)
"Bs. As. Fanzine fest" selling some zines and stickers, Hollywood in cambodia. Buenos Aires (ar)
"MESOPOTAMIA III" duo exhibition with madconi at galeria Rayo Lazer. Buenos Aires (ar)
"TMDG 2010" live show and selling products in the expo room. Mar del Plata (ar)
"Lanzamiento celulares LG" gameboy live set show, Centro cultura Amanda. Santiago (cl)
"MESOPOTAMIA II" solo show, alone in my room. Santiago (cl)
"Koala 50.000 expo" international group show at Cellar Gallery. Santiago (cl)
"Tratado de integración: LEGION 03", 3 days of media art and music festival. Neuquen (ar)

"Pecha Kucha Night 2", group show organized by Emilio Marin at Bar Constitucion. Santiago (cl)
"Tratado de integración: LEGION 02", 3 sick days of media art and music festival. Neuquen (ar)
"PostPoppers", group exhibition at Chaos Lounge, curated by Hikaru Tsunematsu (CDR). Tokyo (jp)

"Diseño grafico en Chile", group exhibition at Centro Cultural España, curated by Ricardo Vega.
"Gif Project", group exhibition projected on a giant screen in Santiago Downtown.

"Suspensión voluntaria de la lógica", group exhibition at Centro de Arte Contemporáneo VELAN. Torino (it).
"Place Project". group exhibition at Centro Cultural España. Santiago (cl)

"Bienal de video”, group exhibition at Museo de Arte contemporáneo. Santiago (cl)
"Selección Natural". group exhibition of video art at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Santiago (cl)

"Flashattack", group exhibition of video/animation at Cine Normandie. Santiago (cl)

"EXPO*RA", collective Espora exhibition at Galeria Persona. Santiago (cl)

“Popper Magazine vol.3”. Latvian illustration magazine. (Latvia)

“Pop Psychedelic”. A massive, comprehensive graphic design collection exploding with a blend of psychedelic and pop imagery. (LastGap/BigBrosWorkship, us)

“Trimarchi 10 años”. Invitación para el libro que celebra 10 años de este destacado festival de diseño. (Argentina)
"[36-56]". 36 artist book for a cool tshirt design project by Alternative Shift Control. (jp)
"Pluzultra 15". online magazine (ar)
"Gang Bang Bong 2". Bilingual comic book with many cool artist from the world (mx)
"End of the world". Compilation book of various artists, edited by SSE (Korea)
"TurboChainsaw magazine 6". (uk)
"Pork Magazine #2". Alternative art, fashion and lifestyle magazine. (us)
"Completoburger". Weird compilation book of various artists, edited by Piña Ruda (cl)

"Atypica 39". Magazine of Art, design and tendency (ar)
"Dadamini 13". Magazine (ar)
"All In". Playing Cards with 54 designs of 54 latinoamerican artists. edited by Lovit (cl)
"LNGB 28". La nueva grafica de bolsillo, edited by La Nueva grafica Chilena. (cl)
"TurboChainsaw magazine 5". Compilation zine with experimental and nasty drawings (uk)
"Good vs evil 4". Compilation zine of art-brut and weird stuff (uk)

"Rico Champian". Screenprinted zine, edited by Piña Ruda (cl)
"Satan USB". Screen printed stupid random zine , edited by Piña Ruda (cl)
"Oso x Oso". Drawing zine with Madconi, edited by Piña Ruda (cl)

"de arquitectura No 13". Architecture magazine of Universidad de Chile. (cl)

Selected Press
Click the links ;o)
The-youthquake.com. Artista del mes (cl)
juktapox.com (latino versiono)
projetonosotros.com / video
Igarou web gallery japan

Feel free to contact me for anything!